Information through Touch.
New York Times article Simon Wheatcroft blind marathon runner running the New York City Marathon using the wayband without sighted assistance.jpg

Navigation through Touch

We created a device to guide you to your destination without any visual or audio feedback, using only vibrating cues.

Marcus Engel, a famous blind author and consultant, walking with the Wayband

“If this is a new way of taking in information, you’re really looking at a game changer of a device.”

— Marcus Engel, Blind Author, Advocate and Close Friend

Emilie Gossiaux, Blind Sculptor & Consultant

“It is awesome to get feedback, of different sorts of vibration or pulsation, to know I’ve arrived.”

— Emilie Gossiaux, Blind Sculptor & Consultant


Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to live an independent life. Through our programmed accessories and haptic language, we empower blind and visually impaired users to enjoy the journey as they safely and intuitively navigate to any walkable destination.


Our Partnerships