WearWorks Beta Program

At WearWorks, our goal is to innovate and deliver quality products to our patrons. We understand that blind and visually impaired users especially expect their devices to provide  a high degree of comfort and functionality. 

By joining our WearWorks Beta-Program, you will be among the select few people in the world who will experience Wayband™ months ahead of our projected official product launch. Your participation in this program will help us build a more safe and functional device for blind and visually impaired people everywhere—we deeply appreciate your support. 

It includes:

- A beta version of Wayband™ or Wayband™ Sport
- Product and app support, updates and maintenance
- Access to a private Facebook Group/Forum

Your feedback means everything to us! That is why we will reach out to you personally to communicate and collect feedback on the product. Your experiences, good and bad, will help us create a better Wayband™ for blind and visually impaired people everywhere. Thank you again for your participation in our Beta-Program, we are really excited to work with you! 

By clicking “I agree to participate in the Beta-Program” button below, you acknowledge that you read, understood and accepted the WearWorks Privacy Policy and Pre-Order Reservation Terms and Conditions before joining our program.