Wayband™ Sport

Rugged and durable, the Wayband™ Sport is for those who crave activity, and demand freedom to explore the wild outdoors. It comes with an elastic, water-resistant velcro strap that is adjustable for a tight, comfortable fit. The device is designed to be strapped around the bicep or forearm to experience your journey without any distractions.

Beta-Program Price: $299
Beta-Program Price + Pre-order: $499


Product Specifications

What’s Included
Wayband™ Sport arm band
Charging cable

Matte Black Nylon Enclosure
Elastic, water-resistant velcro strap

Band Size
One size fits all

Battery & Power
Battery type: 500mAh Lithium Ion battery

Battery life: 6 hours of continuous use
Charge time: (0-100%) 1.5 hours

Wayband™ App
Before using the device, download the Wayband™ App. You must make a one-time pairing, after which your app will always automatically sync to the device. The app is currently designed for iOS devices only.


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