Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to live an independent life. Through our accessories and haptic language, we empower blind and visually impaired users to safely and intuitively navigate to any destination.  


Our Team

We are a group of passionate designers and engineers focused on building the next generation of wearable devices that improve living in urban environments.  


Keith Kirkland

Co-Founder. Head of Sales + Haptics
Keith is a Fashion and Industrial Designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering. He has created different types of wearable devices, including a Kung-Fu downloading bodysuit. Keith is a natural speaker with a glow of positive energy.

Daniel Moran_web.jpg


Lead Fashion Designer
Daniel’s background is in fashion and textile R&D at Parsons School of Design. Fabric is our second skin is her motto. She engages in a tangible vision for pushing fashion of the future. Daniel loves to play tennis, make wearables and ride the vespa!



Inclusive Design & Marketing Advisor
With a background in behavioral sciences and intense passion with human observation, Layah brings her skills to creating research driven, universally accessible design. Layah is also the team’s therapist and a darn good one.



Software Developer
Quinn is a talented coder with understanding of the greater cause. She is dedicated to make haptic design more intuitive, striving forward in something very new. Quinn is fearless and will make the future a better place for us all.

Celine Lee Portrait Photo.jpg


Industrial Design Intern
Celine is talented and ambitious to learn. Her interest in 3D knitting technology and fashion made her special from the rest. She will grow to be a valuable member to our team.


Kevin Yoo

Co-Founder. Head of Product + Marketing
Kevin is a born entrepreneur with heavy focus in Product Design and Sustainability. Combined with passion for human-centric innovation and background in haptics. He has a keen sense for new growth in business, the market and technology. Kevin expands fearlessly.



Lead Engineer
Ben is cool and he bikes professionally. He can make PCBs in his sleep and win a race while taking a nap. Truth about Ben is that he never gets angry, he only gets calmer. Composed Engineer and everyones favorite engine.



Full Stack Engineer
Fritz is a pure efficient German machine. He can make things. Attentive to detail and precision is the key to a great engineer, which runs in his blood. Fritz is an iron man, literally, he works out the mind and the body with rigourous routines.

Riding Harold's Wheels - wearworks.jpeg


Electrical Engineer
Owen is the best there is when it comes to anything technology. He left MIT to pursue a better future for his life. Understanding machines like a well trained AI, Owen may be an AI himself… Or a pure human genius.



Mechanical Engineer Intern
Sam is focused on Mechanical engineering and product design. He strives to innovate for the improvement of human experience and sustainability. He is a born hockey player and a young entrepreneur with bright future ahead.


Yangyang Wang

Co-Founder. Head of Operations + Software
Yang is a Mechanical Engineer turned Industrial Designer. Having designed public sculpture, streetlights, eyewear, jewelry, and more - his expertise is in bringing product from prototype to manufacturing. Yang is the smart skeptic that keeps the crazies together.



Industrial Designer
Paige is strong, loyal and clever. Her design skills are broad yet detailed to positive self interest and values. Paige is a one of a kind fighter, an actual martial artist. She’ll take you down!



Graphic Designer
Kendall develops unique brand voices through human-centered design. Her MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts allows her to create with empathy. She's also a huge music nerd.



UX Design Consultant
Frances is a human centric UX designer with a passion for impactful, inclusive experiences through wearable technology. Frances has the chillest vibe on the team, keeping it real and keeping it fresh.