WAYBAND™ Kickstarter Campaign

At WearWorks, our goal is to innovate and deliver quality products to our patrons. We understand that blind and visually impaired users especially expect their devices to provide a high degree of comfort and functionality. 

By participating in our WAYBAND™ Kickstarter, you will be among the few people in the world who will experience WAYBAND™ months ahead of our projected official product launch. Your participation in the Kickstarter campaign will help us build a smarter and more functional device for blind and visually impaired people everywhere—we deeply appreciate your support. 

It includes:

- A Wayband™
- Product and app support, updates and maintenance
- Access to a private Facebook Group/Forum

Your feedback means everything to us! Your experiences, good and bad, will help us create a better Wayband™. not just for people with blindness or visually impaired, but for anyone who wants to be able to navigate ears and eyes-free. Thank you in advance for your participation in WAYBAND™ Kickstarter Program, we are really excited to work with you!