Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to live an independent life. Through our accessories and haptic language, we empower blind and visually impaired users to safely and intuitively navigate to any destination.  


Our Team

We are a group of passionate designers and engineers focused on building the next generation of wearable devices that improve living in urban environments.  


Keith Kirkland

Co-Founder. Head of Sales + Haptics
Keith is a Fashion and Industrial Designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering. He has created all different types of wearable devices imaginable, including a Kung-Fu downloading bodysuit. 



Lead Wearable Fashion Designer
Daniel’s background is in fashion and textile R&D at Parsons School of Design. She brings a tangible vision of innovation and creates fashion of the future.


Kevin Yoo

Co-Founder. Head of Design + Marketing
Kevin is an Industrial Designer with a passion for human-centric design. With a background in sustainable haptic products, he has a wealth of experience creating objects that focus on usability, ergonomics and social adaptation.



UX Design Consultant
Frances is a human centric UX designer with a passion for impactful, inclusive experiences through wearable technology.


Yangyang Wang

Co-Founder. Head of Operations + Software
Yang is a Mechanical Engineer turned Industrial Designer. Having designed public sculpture, streetlights, eyewear, jewelry, and more - his expertise is in bringing product from prototype to manufacturing.